Thursday March 22 2018
Pre school


Children in their final year with us are helped to gain lots of skills that will equip them for their early school life.

"Kiddi-crèche has been a warm, caring and supportive environment while providing an excellent start to her education."

Pre-school makes our children feel important and capable. Self help skills gained here will ease the feeling of anxiety and trepidation often experienced when starting school.

We will help build your child's confidence, resilience, abilities and self-esteem. Our outdoor environment is constantly accessible for children who choose when to play out. Children generally love outdoors and we make the most of planning challenging and exciting out door activities throughout the nursery day. Monitor badges promote a feeling of responsibility and achievement. Pre-writing activities prepare our children physically for writing and exciting mark making materials provide opportunities to help our children become successful writers. Number, calculating, shape, space and measure are all used in creative ways to challenge and broaden children's understanding. Independent thinking and imagination are actively encouraged by qualified and experienced practitioners who create fun activities to explore and investigate. Role play and block play offer endless opportunities for social skills and stimulate enquiring minds. Books and stories are used to promote interest in reading and create enjoyable group and individual times. Early computer programmes excite and build knowledge. An extensive range of art and craft materials encourage enjoyment and achievement. Movement and music sessions offer opportunities for expression and creativity.

Our enabling environment combines learning and development with a world of play and fun.

You are always welcome at Kiddi-crèche. Practitioners chat daily with you and keep you informed of your child's well being and progress. We regularly invite families to parent evenings and keep you informed in more detail. We have good links with local schools and their teaching staff often come and visit our children to aid transition before they meet again at school.

We have well established, trusting relationships with our families and are on hand to discuss any concerns you may have. We have an excellent reputation for welcoming and supporting children with special educational needs.

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