Monday June 18 2018
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My name is Marie Lister, I opened Kiddi-crèche Nursery at The School House on Cottingley New Road in March 1993 before I had my own children. I now have two boys who spent many happy years at Kiddi-crèche before starting school. After 10 years our excellent reputation locally made demand for my nursery overwhelming and I felt we were disappointing too many families who could not get a place with us. I therefore decided to open a second nursery nearby at The Holmstead, Cottingley Bridge in June 2003. This enabled me to meet the demand and retain good practitioners as I can offer many more senior job opportunities. Now both my nurseries have an excellent reputation locally. We have “Outstanding” inspection reports that give a detailed insight into the day to day experiences of our children. Ofsted inspect private nurseries without any prior notice and only 3% in Bradford have received the outstanding grade. View our reports for The Holmstead and The School House.

Kiddi-Crèche days are happy days!

Parents of children I care for and have cared for know that Kiddi-crèche is in essence me. I have over the years developed principles and good practice that now define Kiddi-crèche. I have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people who like me have great dedication to children. Many of these people work for me today. They help to create an excellent staff team of qualified and experienced practitioners whom I trust and have enormous respect for.



The first five years of your Child's life is crucial in forming the foundation from which they will develop. Choosing someone to care for your child during this time is one of the most important decisions you will make. I believe "Every Child Matters" and every child is a "Gift of Life". So special and precious. Parents love for their children is all consuming and unconditional. I feel privileged every time a parent leaves a child in my care. It is a great responsibility and I take it incredibly seriously.

I promise you that your child will receive the best possible care in your absence that was afforded to my own children and the children of my staff. My team and I will provide a learning environment that will help your child grow happily in our hands. We will safeguard, nurture and develop your child in readiness for the challenges they will face in their future education.

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